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Changes in v1.06

  • Migration to cosmos and mediawiki 1.21.2.
  • Revised sections on product retrieval and format on Effective Beams. Previous content was not of great help when trying to download beams from the PLA.
  • Added three missing references to Compact source catalogues.
  • Added two missing references to CMB and astrophysical component maps.
  • Fixed reference to two Planck publications in LFI systematic effect uncertainties page.
  • Maps of the Crab nebula added to the specially processed maps page.
  • Updated R1.12 of MMF3 and union catalogues, and removed caveat.
  • Added statement on file containing all the frequency maps and link to the file now available in the PLA.
  • Added statement on file containing the SMICA map only with no other contents to the component maps page.
  • Added table with lensing curl mode PS to lensing map page.
  • Corrected statement about units in the SEVEM map in the component maps page.

Changes in v1.05

  • Updated table for R1.12 of the validation table;
  • Added caveat on POS_ERR field problem.
  • Added structure of file with masks used in Likelihood paper;
  • Fixed references;
  • Other minor improvements.

Changes in v1.04

  • Fixed link to SREM files in the SREM files page.
  • In the LFI data processing Map-making page, fixed:
  • Link to the Noise Monte Carlo Simulations page, end of 2.2.1;
  • A typo in the title of 3.2.3;
  • The title of 5. "References" (previously "The Bibliography") for consistency with the rest of the ES.
  • Added three missing references to References2;

Changes in v1.03

  • Important information was added to the caveats section;
  • Improved formatting.
  • Added comments on inpainting for SMICA and NILC maps;
  • Updated product descriptions to take into account the inpainting data contained in the SMICA and NILC maps;
  • Updated links to SMICA and NILC maps.

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