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Here we show the Zodiacal (and Galactic Far Sidelobe, for 545 GHz and 857 GHz) Correction maps on the left, and their power spectra on the right. One can see that the bands, which impart power at higher multipoles (around 40) are more important relative to the diffuse cloud (which imparts power at the lowest multipoles/largest angular scales) at lower frequencies than at higher frequencies.

Z100Correction.png Z100CorrectionCl.png
Z143Correction.png Z143CorrectionCl.png
Z217Correction.png Z217CorrectionCl.png
Z353Correction.png Z353CorrectionCl.png
Z545Correction.png Z545CorrectionCl.png
Z857Correction.png Z857CorrectionCl.png

Note that for consistency's sake, all maps and spectra are in the same units (CMB units). Note also that the "even/odd" effect is a consequence of the (Ecliptic) north-south symmetry of the correction.

Cosmic Microwave background