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General description[edit]

Different corrections have been applied to the 2018 data releases, and when available, correction maps are provided in PLA.

Below short description these corrections can be found, furthers details for LFI are avialble in Planck-2020-A2[1].

LFI Template[edit]

In the 2018 release an iterative schema for the phometric calibration has been adopted. In case of 70GHz this iterative procedure didn't converge at the time of the release. As a consequence, we expect that low-level residuals are still present in the 2018 LFI maps, with a pattern similar to that of the 2015 maps, though with significantly lower amplitude. For the 2018 release, we adopt the dfference between the two last iterations as a spatial template of residual gain uncertainties projected onto the sky. This template is used only at 70 GHz (already applyed in the maps released) and made available trought the PLA (see section 3 of Planck-2020-A2[1]).

LFI BandPass Leackage correction[edit]

BandPass Leackage correction estimation is described is section 7 of Planck-2020-A2[1]. We release BandPass corrected maps, BandPass uncorrected maps and BandPass correction Maps LFI_CorrMap_???-BPassCorr_1024_R3.00_???.fits

LFI FITS Correction Maps
Type Filename Comment
70GHz Template LFI_CorrMap_070-Gain-tpl_1024_R3.00_full.fits ONLY for the 70GHz
BandPass Correction full period LFI_CorrMap_???-BPassCorr_1024_R3.00_full.fits n/a
BandPass Correction full period Ring-Half LFI_CorrMap_???-BPassCorr_1024_R3.00_full-ringhalf-?.fits n/a
BandPass Correction single year LFI_CorrMap_???-BPassCorr_1024_R3.00_year-?.fits n/a
BandPass Correction year combination LFI_CorrMap_???-BPassCorr_1024_R3.00_year?-?.fits n/a
BandPass Correction survey combination LFI_CorrMap_???-BPassCorr_1024_R3.00_survey-1-3-5-6-7-8.fits n/a

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