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Reviewed by LM

The service module

On the list containing the different elements of the service module, in the case of components that have their own pages, it would be nice to have links to these pages (e.g. 4K compressors, SCSSorption Cooler Subsystem (Planck),...).

The SREMSpace Radiation Environment Monitor

It would be nice to have a diagram showing the actual SREMSpace Radiation Environment Monitor (from the SREMSpace Radiation Environment Monitor paper) and a diagram illustrating the location of the SREMSpace Radiation Environment Monitor.

The FOGFiber Optic Gyroscope

  • References are missing;
  • It would be nice to have some diagrams. The description of the several components is a bit confusing;
  • First paragraph says FOGFiber Optic Gyroscope is not part of the normal attitude control system. We should explain what the FOGFiber Optic Gyroscope was for then and how it was used (only a sentence, referring to a page on attitude reconstruction using the FOGFiber Optic Gyroscope that should at some point become available)
  • I am trying to get permission to make the FOGFiber Optic Gyroscope user manual public. If I succeed it shoul dbe referenced here.

The Telescope

  • It would be nice to have some mention of the novel technologies employed in the manufacturing of the telescope;
  • There are some comments made about performance of different configurations. I think some references are required here;