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CMB maps
Astrophysical component maps


This section is very preliminary. Its purpose is to give examples of what these products could look like.

This section describes the astrophysical component maps are similar products that are provided in a joint effort by the two DPC. These products are derived from some or all of the nine channel maps described above using different techniques and, in some cases, using other constraints from external data sets. Here we give a brief description of the product and how it is obtained, followed by a description of the FITS file containing the data and associated information.

Two different types of structure are used for these products depending on whether the astrophysical component varies with frequency:

independent of frequency 
in this case a single map to give the structure suffices. It will (optionally) be accompanied by an uncertainty map a mask and possibly a beam window function, and a method will be given to convert the structure map to the map at a given frequency. This applies to the CMB and to the dust opacity.
variable with frequency 
in this case the file will contain up to 10 signal maps, for the 10 Planck frequencies, accompanied (optionally) by uncertainties a mask.

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Flexible Image Transfer Specification

Cosmic Microwave background