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Template PLAProductsV2 produces links to sections of the PLA



where the allowed values for the parameters are as follows

maps (for maps)
effbeams (for effective beams)
catalogues (for catalogues)
cosmology (for cosmology products - spectra, cosm. parameters and likelihood code)
timelines (for time ordered data)
docsw (for the RIMO and additional software)
opdata (for operational files, ancillary data and state history)
supplementary_data (for simulations, among other things)
the text you would like to appear on your link.


Maps in the PLA[edit]

What you type

{{PLAProductsV2|product=maps|link=The maps}}

How it appears

The maps

CAtalogues in the PLA[edit]

What you type

{{PLAProductsV2|product=catalogues|link=The catalogues}}

How it appears The catalogues

Operational data in the PLA[edit]

What you type

{{PLAProductsV2|product=opdata|link=Operational data}}

How it appears

Operational data

RIMO in the PLA[edit]

What you type

{{PLAProductsV2|product=docsw|link=The RIMO}}

How it appears

{PLAProductsV2|product=docsw|link=The RIMO}}

Planck Legacy Archive

reduced IMO