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The template PlanckPapers produces references for papers cited in the text. T The syntax of PlanckPapers is


where the only parameter is as follows:

label used to cite the paper in LaTeX;


Citing a paper in the text

What you type


How it appears

A very interesting result can be found in [1].

Displaying the list of references at the bottom of a page

The convention followed in the Planck Explanatory Supplement is for the references to appear in the last section of each page. In order to achieve this, we suggest using:

<references />

This is how the list of references below was created.


  1. Measuring Planck beams with planets, K. M. Huffenberger, B. P. Crill, A. E. Lange, K. M. Górski, C. R. Lawrence, A&A, 510, A58+, (2010).