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SECTION: Survey scanning and performance. Reviewed by Leonardi Oct 2013.

REVIEW: This section has been made public, and I think it is an important one.


“The Planck focal plane scans the sky in the way explained in the figure below.”. The figure does not appear below the sentence on my browser. Please change the sentence.

I don’t believe we need block “Data gap recoveries”. I would remove it. But I would probably retain the sentence “Throughout the Planck mission, data losses have been very rare. Small-Gap Recoveries have been applied only a couple of times.”

In the block “Start and end of surveys”, we should say that LFI started Survey 9 but never completed it.

In the block Main planet and Crab observations during Surveys” we should update this information (although we can wait for the next release to do so).

In the references, I would remove the long list of co-authors of ref 3, and I would just cite Lamarre et al.

(Planck) Low Frequency Instrument