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Product categories[edit]

Time Series[edit]


Sky Maps[edit]

All detectors[edit]
Detector maps[edit]

[MFB]: halfring is wrong, we'd agreed on using the literal ringhalf.

[LM]: Corrected.

Detector set maps[edit]

[MFB]: in the ICD the detector set maps are identified by "ds", not "DetSet". Should we change this in the ICD?

Low resolution maps[edit]
Correction maps[edit]

Component maps[edit]

[MFB]: Sat propose a change in the naming convention for CMB maps to fit the new layout requirements (separate CMB and foreground maps).



[MFB]: the naming convention for Masks should be improved to get a better categorization of Masks maps:


e.g. LFI_Mask_PointSrc-030_2048_R2.xx.fits (Mask, category PointSrc) COM_Mask_Gal-06_2048_R2.xx.fits (category Gal) ...

Angular power spectra[edit]



Other products[edit]

Interface Control Document

Cosmic Microwave background

(Planck) Low Frequency Instrument