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This section describes products that require special processing. Only one such product is available at this time; this section will be expanded with time as more products are added.

Lensing map[edit]

We distribute the minimum-variance (MV) lensing potential estimate presented in [1] as part of the 2014 data release. This map represents an estimate of the CMB lensing potential on approximately 70% of the sky, and also forms the basis for the Planck 2014 lensing likelihood. It is produced using filtered temperature and polarization data from the SMICA DX11 CMB map; its construction is discussed in detail in [1].

The estimate is contained in a single gzipped tarball named COM_CompMap_Lensing_2048_R0.00.tgz. Its contents are described below.

Contents of COM_CompMap_Lensing_2048_R0.00.tgz
Filename Format Description
dat_klm.fits HEALPIX FITS format alm, with [math] L_{\rm max} = 2048 [/math] Contains the estimated lensing convergence [math] \hat{\kappa}_{LM} = \frac{1}{2} L(L+1)\hat{\phi}_{LM} [/math].
mask.fits.gz HEALPIX FITS format map, with [math] N_{\rm side} = 2048 [/math] Contains the lens reconstruction analysis mask.
nlkk.dat ASCII text file, with columns = ([math]L[/math], [math]N_L [/math], [math]C_L+N_L[/math]) The approximate noise [math]N_L[/math] (and signal+noise, [math]C_L+N_L[/math]) power spectrum of [math] \hat{\kappa}_{LM} [/math], for the fiducial cosmology used in [1].

Compton parameter map[edit]



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