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(Description of the product)
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This is were the pipeline generating the product should be described. In particular any limitations and approximations used in the data processing should be listed. Try to avoid detailed descriptions of methods and refer to the relevant Planck papers for the details.
===Input Data===
===Input Data===

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Design, performance and calibration documentation[edit]

Processed data[edit]

Description of the product[edit]

The SREM data files contain calibrated data for the different energy and particle species channels available in the SREM. Each data file contains 24 hours of data - from midnight to midnight (note this is not an OD) - with the date the file refers to easily identifiable through the file name.



Input Data[edit]

SREM calibrated data was produced from the SREM raw data acquired during the entire mission.

Data format[edit]

  • Naming convention
The files containing the SREM calibrated data will have a name of the form SREMPlanck_PACC_YYYYMMDD.fits where PACC stands for Processed ACCumulated data and YYYYMMDD is the date the data in the file was acquired.
  • Units
  • Format
  • N. Of Files
1500 (TBC)

Header keywords[edit]

For data provided in the form of fits files a table containing a description of all the header keywords should be included here. The table should follow this format

Keyword Name Description Unit
Keyword1 this is a keyword [math]K\!m^2[/math]
Keyword2 this is a another keyword [math]H\!z[/math]

Space Radiation Environment Monitor

Operation Day definition is geometric visibility driven as it runs from the start of a DTCP (satellite Acquisition Of Signal) to the start of the next DTCP. Given the different ground stations and spacecraft will takes which station for how long, the OD duration varies but it is basically once a day.

To be confirmed