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(Data format)
(Data format)
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====Data format====
====Data format====
*Naming convention
*Naming convention
*Coordinate System
*Coordinate System

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Design, performance and calibration documentation[edit]

Processed data[edit]

Description of the product[edit]

Here you should provide a brief description of the product. You should mention what type of data is associated with the product (images,maps,timelines,...) but should refrain from describing any format details as this will be dealt with in the format section.


This is were the pipeline generating the product should be described. In particular any limitations and approximations used in the data processing should be listed. Try to avoid detailed descriptions of methods and refer to the relevant Planck papers for the details.

Input Data[edit]

SREM calibrated data was produced from the SREM raw data.

Data format[edit]

  • Naming convention
  • Coordinate System
  • Projection
  • [math]N_{side}[/math]
  • Units
  • Format
  • N. Of Files

Header keywords[edit]

For data provided in the form of fits files a table containing a description of all the header keywords should be included here. The table should follow this format

Keyword Name Description Unit
Keyword1 this is a keyword [math]K\!m^2[/math]
Keyword2 this is a another keyword [math]H\!z[/math]

Space Radiation Environment Monitor