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Planck ICDs
ICD Template Parameter
HP File Transfer System [HP-FTS] HPFTS
PGS-ICD-000 Consolidated Procedural ICDs [MOC-ICDL] MOC
PGS-ICD-001 HPMCS Data Distribution System [DDS] DDS
PGS-ICD-004 TC History [S2K ICD] TCH
PGS-ICD-005 Orbit Data & Access Software ODAT
PGS-ICD-006 Attitude History File [AHF] AHF
PGS-ICD-007 HPMCS Time Correlator [TCO] TCO
PGS-ICD-009 Out Of Limits [S2K ICD] OOL
PGS-ICD-016 HPMCS Real-Time Science Interface [RTSI] RTSI
PGS-ICD-017 Pre-programmed Pointing List [PPL] PPL
PGS-ICD-019 Instrument OBSW Update Tool [S2K_ICD] OBSW
PGS-ICD-025 Weekly Health Report [WHR] WHR
PGS-ICD-027 Daily Quality Report [DQR] DQR
PGS-ICD-030 DPC Timeline Exchange DPCT
PGS-ICD-031 DPC Maps & Spectra Exchange DPCM
PGS-ICD-032_DPC-DPC_Calibration_Information DPCC
PGS-ICD-034 HP Attitude Constraint Checker [ACC] AAC
PGS-ICD-039 Spacecraft Instrument Alignment Matrix [SIAM] SIAM
PGS-ICD-049 Orbit Events File OEF
PGS-ICD-050 Augmented Pre-programmed Pointing List [APPL] APPL
PGS-ICD-053 Task Parameter File [S2K_ICD] TPF
PGS-ICD-100 Consolidated SGS Procedural ICD [SGS-ICDL] SGS
PGS-ICD-102 Raw Attitude History File [RAF] RAF

Interface Control Document

Herschel/Planck File Transfer System

[ESA's] Mission Operation Center [Darmstadt, Germany]

Herschel/Planck Mission Control System

MOC's Data Distribution System


Attitude History File

Pre-programmed Pointing List

Weekly Health Report

Daily Quality Report

Data Processing Center

Spacecraft Instrument Alignment Matrix

Augmented Preprogrammed Pointing List

Science Ground Segment

Raw Attitude history File