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Logon process[edit]

If you are reading this you have obviously been able to login to the wiki. However, since the login mechanism in the current configuration of the wiki is a bit different from the normal login mechanism for other instances of mediawiki you may have come across in the past a little explanation is called here.

The Explanatory Supplement wiki is integrated in the WebDB system hosted at ESAC. Among other things WebDB provides a single page login to most ESA tools and services. Most of this is of course completely irrelevant for non-ESA users but since WebDB is also LDAP aware integration in WebDB allows ES wiki logon to be controlled by LDAP. As such when you login it is advised you do so through the link in the publications management web page. As you need to logon to webDB anyway to view this page

Size of edit box[edit]

For reasons that seem to have been lost in the mist of time the default edit box is unusable as it only accommodates one or two lines. To change this to a more useful configuration please proceed as follows. 1) Click on the my preferences link on the top of the page

2) In the Edit section look for .... It will most likely be blank. Type 30 for rows and 4 for columns (slightly different values may need to be used if you have a really big or a really small display)

3) Click on save at the end of the page and go back to the whatever page you where trying to edit. The edit box should now be of a more normal size and stay so.

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