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The Planck Legacy Archive (PLA) contains all public products originating from the Planck mission. A graphical user interface accessible from this page allows to list, display, inspect, select, and download these products.

The first public product present in the Planck Legacy Archive was the Early-Release Compact Source Catalogue (ERCSC) released in January 2011.

As of January 2013, the PLA contains all temperature maps per Planck frequency, as well as ancillary maps like Survey maps, detector maps, etc. It also contains the first public version of the Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources and information about the spacecraft, instrument and survey history, notably through all the operational files and the Planck Operations State History (POSH).


The PLA will mainly serve the needs of professional astrophysicists wishing to carry out astronomical research, related to various astronomy fields as the Cosmic Microwave Background, extragalactic astronomy, Galactic interstellar medium, and Solar System studies, among others. In addition to these professional users, a number of others will be browsing the PLA, including members of the general public and members of the press. In both cases, they will be looking for general information on the Planck satellite and its scientific results, news about Planck, pictures and other public-relations material, among other things.

Planck Legacy Archive Helpdesk[edit]

In order to send a request to the Helpdesk, please fill in the form at: [[1]]

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Planck Legacy Archive

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