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Fits to the COBE Zodiacal Emission model at each Planck/HFI frequency are encapsulated in the files below.

857 GHz Zodi Fit Results

Results of fits at 857 GHz. Data from the first year of observations are shown in white, while data from the second year of observations are shown in gray. Surveys 1 and 3 are shown with circles, while surveys 2 and 4 are shown with squares. The average of the points shown, and the uncertainties are representated with the horizontal gray band, and where appropriate, a dotted line is used to mark the `zero' level.

545 GHz Zodi Fit Results 353 GHz Zodi Fit Results 217 GHz Zodi Fit Results 143 GHz Zodi Fit Results 100 GHz Zodi Fit Results

(Planck) High Frequency Instrument