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Cosmological parameter results


The cosmological parameter results explore a variety of cosmological models with combinations of Planck and other data. We provide results from MCMC exploration chains, as well as best fits. Definitions, conventions and reference are contained in #planck2013-p11.

Production process

Parameter chains are produced using CosmoMC, a sampling package available from the [[1]]. This includes the sample analysis package GetDist, and the scripts for managing and analysing the full grid or runs.

Caveats and known issues

Confidence intervals are derived from the MCMC samples, and assume the input likelihoods are exactly correct, so there is no quantification for systematic errors other than via the covariance, foreground and beam error models assumed in the likelihood codes. We had some issues producing reliable results from the minimizer used to produce the best fits, so in some cases the quoted fits may be significantly improved.

Related products

A description of other products that are related and share some commonalities with the product being described here. E.g. if the description is of a generic product (e.g. frequency maps), all the products falling into that type should be listed and referenced.

File names

  • A pdf of the results in File:Grid 2sigma.pdf, which is suitable for human reading.
  • A text file is in … which is suitable for electronic reading.

The structure of the text file is … see e.g., Frequency Maps for sample tables


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