Cosmological Parameters

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Cosmological parameter tables

TBW by A.Lewis


A general description of the product, including e.g. figures related to the contents (e.g. maps, tables), and some explanation of its scientific meaning. If there are scientific warnings about the use of the product (User’s caveats), they should also be given here, or at least references to other explanatory documents (papers etc).

Production process

How it is produced, giving inputs used, both internal (Planck) and external.

Caveats and known issues

The title says it all.

Related products

A description of other products that are related and share some commonalities with the product being described here. E.g. if the description is of a generic product (e.g. frequency maps), all the products falling into that type should be listed and referenced.

File names

  • A pdf of the results in File:Grid 2sigma.pdf, which is suitable for human reading.
  • A text file is in … which is suitable for electronic reading.

The structure of the text file is … see e.g., Frequency Maps for sample tables