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This text written to experiment with this wiki

Now I want to create a page1

The data is processed in two main steps:

  • Level 1 (L1): which consists in receiving the telemetry and ancillary data files and ingesting them into the DPC database. This involves decompressing, in some cases changing data formats, computing the time of individual data samples from the time of the compression slices, but otherwise no processing proper.
  • Level 2 (L2): this is where the data are processed. The main processing steps are
    • Timeline (or Time-Ordered Information = TOI) processing, which includes conversion from ADUs to engineering units (Volts), demodulation, deglitching, conversion from engineering to physical units (Watts), removal of known systematic effects (non-linearities, 4K lines, Jumps, ring flagging), removal of the instrumental signature (time transfer function)
    • map-making: projecting the TOIs onto all-sky maps, etc. etc,
  • Level 3 (L3): This is where the data in the form of frequency maps are converted to component maps, and where the maps used to create power spectra of the CMB.

- I suggest sections on (names TBC)

. "pre-processing": data ingestion (science, HK, ancillary, other?), construction of ToS in science data group, pointing interpolation and construction of other TOI and ROI objects from AHF, ...
. "production pipes": description of pipelines that build data products: TOIprod/TOIqualif, mapmaking
. "IMO pipes": description of pipelines that produce IMO params: fpgrec, detnoise, fluxcal
. "Systematic effects": description of how the different effects are handled.

And I would like these to become "categories" in the wiki sense, so that the appear on the Main page, i.e. in the TOC.

Similarly for the 3.6 HFI/LFI Common processing section

. Legacy catalog production
. Component separation methods
. Power spectrum estimation

Selected Systematic Effects

Data Processing Center

EMI/EMC influence of the 4K cooler mechanical motion on the bolometer readout electronics.

Cosmic Microwave background

To be confirmed

House Keeping

Time of Sample

Ring-Ordered Information (DMC group/object)

Attitude History File

(Planck) High Frequency Instrument

(Planck) Low Frequency Instrument