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** map-making: projecting the TOIs onto all-sky maps, etc. etc,
** map-making: projecting the TOIs onto all-sky maps, etc. etc,
[[ Selected Systematic Effects | Selected Systematic Effects ]]:
[[ Selected Systematic Effects | Selected Systematic Effects ]]
* Glitches (Patanchon): See the papers. More information can be found [[Glitches | here]].
* Basic, Gaussian Noise (TOI) (Desert/Moneti)
* Glitching (Patanchon/Renault)
** Elephants Giraud-Heraud/Puget
* Thermal Fluctuations
** 1.6K & 4K Catalano/Desert
* Popcorn Noise Sanselme
** Baseline Jumps Sanselme/Kharab
** Split Level Noise X We need this! Sanselme/Kharab To be included by Lilan indeed.
* 4K Lines X X ? X Macias This page sums up the inflight results First Analysis on-going, results soon
** Vibration X Pajot Linked to 4K line, but broader
After depointings Prunet/Colley link to Prac logBook
Noise Correlations X X Jean-Marc Delouis This should be studied before putting them in Monte Carlos. In Sisyphe, all bolometers are run independently. Cecile implemented a correlated Glitch model in Desire for PSB.
* Ring Offsets (is there any issue here?) Xavier doesn't believe there is any issue. This is on hold until we're sure that there is actually an issue.
* Time Sampling X Vibert/Montier We want to document clock rate difference between Pre- and in-launch, as well as note the variations we had with un-temperature-controlled clocks
** CMB + Galaxy Calibration Perdereau/Lagache
** Planets Fluxes Gudmundsson/Lagache
** Point Source Fluxes Reijo/Loic/Rosset
** VI Curves Holmes/Desert
* Known gain variation with bolometer plate temperature Catalano/Desert
* Saturation Lamarre/Catalano/Coulais
* ADC Correction Couchot/Patanchon Not included in Sisyphe, because we know we want to put it in the Monte Carlos...\\ [AS] DNL of cold raw periods for all chans dnl-cold-all.pdf
* Compression Couchot/Plasczyniski
* Band Pass Spencer/Macias/Pajot
* Cross Talk (PSB Only?) Montier
* Beam
** Main Jones/Roudier
** Dimpling Oxborrow
** Ruze Gudmundsson
** FSL Murphy/Ganga
* Time Response Crill/Haissinski/Lamarre
* Focal Plane  Jaffe
* Pointing Benabed/Jaffe
o Cross-Scan Sampling
[[Category:Data processing]]
[[Category:Data processing]]

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The data is processed in two main steps:

  • L1: which consists in receiving the telemetry and ancillary data files and ingesting them into the DPC database. This involves decompressing, in some cases changing data formats, computing the time of individual data samples from the time of the compression slices, but otherwise no processing proper.
  • L2: this is where the data are processed. The main processing steps are
    • TOI processing, which includes conversion from ADUs to engineering units (Volts), demodulation, deglitching, conversion from engineering to physical units (Watts), removal of known systematic effects (non-linearities, 4K lines, Jumps, ring flagging), removal of the instrumental signature (time transfer function)
    • map-making: projecting the TOIs onto all-sky maps, etc. etc,

Selected Systematic Effects

Data Processing Center

EMI/EMC influence of the 4K cooler mechanical motion on the bolometer readout electronics.