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Template PLAFreqMaps produces a link to a table with the metadata details of the frequency maps selected using the parametes available. The table also contains links to the maps themselves and postage stamp images of the maps.


where the parameters can take the following values (the default applies when no value is provided for the parameter)

inst one of the two Planck instruemts
LFI, HFI (default: both)
freq one of the Planck frequencies: 30, 44, 70, 100, 143, 217, 353, 545, 857 (default: all frequencies)
period: one of the following coverage period: Nominal, survey1, survey2 (default: Nominal)
ring: one of the two ring types: half, full (default: show all)
the text you would like to appear on your link.


Frequency Maps

(Planck) Low Frequency Instrument

(Planck) High Frequency Instrument