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SECTION: Pointing performance. Reviewed by Leonardi Oct 2013.

REVIEW: This section has been made public. I think it is a little bit redundant to have this here since we also have a section on Survey scanning and performance.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I see no harm in having this as a section but I would prefer to merge it in the survey scanning and performance section.

First, I would make a point that the pointing performance in this page actually refers to “operational pointing performance”. And I would comment that there are systematics (e.g. as corrected by PTCORR) that are not discussed or reflected in this page.

I find the first sentence too long and confusing, I would recommend rewriting it.

“The pointing performance of Planck can be measured by the difference between the executed pointings as described in the Attitude History Files (using the Star Trackers and the Fiber Optics Gyroscope), and the planned pointings by PSO in the Pre-Programmed Pointing Lists.”


“The operational pointing performance of Planck is the difference between the executed and planned pointings. Planned pointings are provided by the Pre-Programmed Pointing Lists. Executed pointings are given in the Attitude History Files.”

We need to say something about where to find PPL and AHF in the PLA.

I would remove/delete all the text block starting at: “The MOC makes available to DPCs and PSO the reconstituted pointing information…” until “ Any information the MOC has that might help the DPCs in assessing the quality of the above information.”

I would add at the end of the paragraph something like “Further pointing reconstruction and validation is performed at the DPCs (e.g. Planck 2013 results. II. Low Frequency Instrument data processing & Planck 2013 results. VI. High Frequency Instrument data processing).” Need to provide link to papers:

Planck Science Office

Pre-programmed Pointing List

Attitude History File

Planck Legacy Archive

[ESA's] Mission Operation Center [Darmstadt, Germany]