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Where can I find the Planck data?[edit]

In the Planck Legacy Archive. You can wither look at the main page or start the Java interface

Do you provide any links to the Planck products in the archive?[edit]

Yes. All the products page in the Mission products page provide links to the products they describe. However, we do not recommend you use this as your main source of data. We provide a GUI for you to directly access the archive (see question 1 above)and the functionality it offers makes it much easier to search for and download data than the links offered in the Explanatory supplement.

Where are the polarisation maps?[edit]

They are not available yet and will not be available before the second release of the PLA.

Where are the timelines?[edit]

Same answer as above: they are not available yet and will not be available before the second release of the PLA.

What browser should I use to view the Explanatory supplement?[edit]

Any recent version of firefox should work fine. We know that IE should also work but some versions are very slow loading the formulas. In general any recent browser should work.

IE has problems with formulas. What should I do?[edit]

We use MathJax to display equations. It is well known that some combinations of IE and MathJax have problems. For a possible solution to you problem look at the MathJax FAQ

I have several questions and problems not covered in this page. Is there someone I can contact for help?[edit]

Yes. Please contact the PLA help desk.

Have you got any plans to update the Explanatory supplement?[edit]

Yes. The Explanatory supplement is a live document. It will be updated regularly to match any product updates and it will also suffer a major upgrade to accompany any future Planck data release.

Do you offer the Explanatory supplement as a pdf file?[edit]

Yes, you can find it here but you should be aware this is still very much an experimental product. We use the same software wikipedia uses to produce books but there are still several problems we are trying to solve. The two major isses at the moment are: some figures disapear from the pdf file, and the references you can find at the end of most pages are not printed. We are looking into these (and a few other) problems and expect to provide a solution at some point. If you want to build your own book using your selection of pages you will find a brief guide here . As this is an experimental product it is at this point not fully supported and we ask you not to use the Planck Help desk asking us support for this.

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