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This is the page regarding the HFI-based power spectra
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We call intra-frequency checks those performed between detectors (or sets of) in the same frequency bands, which thus respond similarly to the sky emission. Interfrequency-checks on the other hand correspond to checks bewteen detector in different frequency bands, imposing further reliance on a sky model to perform the test.
The TT, TE, and EE power spectra are described in [[CMB_spectrum_%26_Likelihood_Code | CMB spectrum]] section of the Products chapter
==Intra-frequency checks==
[[Category:HFI data processing|007]]
These compare the power spectra between various detector sets operating within the same frequency channel.the  They see the same sky, up to color corrections due to their somewhat different spectral band passes. These corrections are rather small if one restricts the comparison to specifi portions of the sky, for instance dominated by extra-Galactic components, like it is done for extracting the CMB power spectrum in the likelihood analysis where $f_{sky} \sim 0.4$.
==Best-fit frequency spectra==
==Inter-frequency checks==

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The TT, TE, and EE power spectra are described in CMB spectrum section of the Products chapter