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PSO processing is done

Long term plan production[edit]

PPL production[edit]

APS ingestion[edit]

AHF ingestion[edit]

Quality Report ingestion[edit]


SREM calibrated data analysis[edit]

SREM calibrated data is produced by Paul Buehler at the PSI in Zurich and delivered to the PSO on a daily basis. On a few occasions the automatic data delivery was suspended, but the service was promptly resumed. Once the data is delivered, plots showing the calibrated SREM data are then automatically generated. Due to the fact the data downlink has to be done within the DTCP (three hours during the nominal operations and the first extension and 2 hours during the LFI only operations) and the delay between downlinking the raw data and the delivery of the calibrated data to the PSO, there was a delay of about 48 hours between the period covered by the data and the data delivery and the Planck SREM data cannot therefore be used to produce reliable forecasts of space weather that can be used by the Planck instruments in order to put them in safe mode in case of a significant perturbation in space weather. In any case this was never an issue with the LFI as the space radiation environment was never so adverse as to require it to be put in safe mode to avoid damageto the instrument, and in the case of the HFI, although glitches in the scientific timelines induced by cosmic rays where a constant during operations and in periods of

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