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== Map validation ==
== Map validation ==
[[CAtegory:Data processing]]

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Flux calibration

Noise properties

Zodi correction

Zodiacal Emission is removed from the 353, 545 and 857 GHz channels. It is described in ?????, but a synopsis of the procedure is as follows:

  • During each survey, a large fraction of the sky has observations which all fall within a week of each other. That is, during a single survey, most pixels are observed during a short, well-defined period. The contribution from Zodiacal Emission to the total brightness seen, then, is well defined.
  • We use the the COBE model of the Zodiacal Light to make predictions for this emission.
  • We fit the survey difference maps with these model templates to estimate the emissivity of each component at the Planck wavelengths.
  • We reconstruct the full mission using the combination of the COBE geometric model with the emissivities determined above.
  • We remove the reconstruction above from each ring of data.
  • We then make maps as described in section ?????

Map validation