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  • ACMS : Attitude Control & Measurement Subsystem (AOCS)
  • ADC : Analogue-to-digital converter
  • AHF : Attitude History File
  • APID : Application Program Identifier
  • APPL  : Augmented Preprogrammed Pointing List
  • BEM : (LFI) warm electronics Back End Module
  • BEU : (LFI) warm electronics Back End Unit
  • BTB : Back To Back HFI horns
  • CDMS : Command and Data Management System
  • CDMU : Command and Data Management Unit
  • CMB : Cosmic microwave background
  • CoP : Commissioning Phase
  • CPV : Calibration and Performance Verification
  • CSL : Centre Spatial de Liège
  • CTR : Central Time Reference
  • CUC : CCSDS Unsegmented Time Code
  • DAE : (LFI) Data Acquisition Electronics
  • DCE : Dilution Cooler Electronics
  • DDS : MOC's Data Distribution System
  • DMC : Data Management Component, the databases used at the HFI and LFI DPCs
  • DPC : Data Processing Centre
  • DPU : Data Processing Unit
  • DQR  : Daily Quality Report
  • DTCP : Daily Tele-Communication Period
  • EOL : End Of Life
  • ERCSC : Early Release Compact Source Catalogue
  • ESA : European Space Agency
  • ES : Explanatory Supplement
  • ESOC : European Space Operations Centre (Darmstadt)
  • ESTEC : European Space TEchnology and Research Centre
  • FEM : (LFI) cryogenic amplifying stage Front End Module
  • FEU : (LFI) cryogenic amplifying stage Front End Unit
  • FH : Feed Horn
  • FITS  : Flexible Image Transfer Specification
  • FLS  : (Planck) First Light Survey
  • FOG : Fibre-Optic Gyroscope
  • FOV : Field-Of-View
  • FPU : Focal Plane Unit
  • FWHM  : Full-Width-at-Half-Maximum
  • HCM : Angular momentum Control Mode
  • HEMT : High Electron Mobility Transistor
  • HFI : (Planck) High Frequency Instrument
  • HK : House Keeping
  • HPFTS : Herschel/Planck File Transfer System
  • HPMCS : Herschel/Planck Mission Control System
  • HSK : House-Keeping data
  • ICD : Interface Control Document
  • ILS : Instrument Line Shape
  • IMO : Instrument MOdel
  • IOT : Instrument Operation Team
  • JFET : Junction Field Elect Transistor
  • LEOP : Launch & Early Orbit Phase
  • LFER : Low frequency excess response
  • LFI : (Planck) Low Frequency Instrument
  • LOBT : Local On Board Time
  • LOS : Line Of Sight
  • MDT  : Minimum Dwell Time
  • mission [HFI meaning]
  • MOC : [ESA's] Mission Operation Centre [Darmstadt, Germany]
  • NEP  : Noise Equivalent Power
  • NET  : Noise Equivalent Temperature
  • OBT  : On-Board Time
  • OD  : Operational Day
  • OMT : (LFI) OrthoMode Transducer
  • P/L : Payload
  • PAU : Pre-Amplification Unit
  • PBR : Phase-binned ring
  • PCCS : Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources
  • PI : Principal Investigator
  • PIA : Planck Internal Archive
  • PLA  : Planck Legacy Archive
  • PLM : Payload Module
  • PO : Physical Optics
  • POI : Phase-Ordered Information (DMC group/object)
  • PPL  : Pre-programmed Pointing List
  • PPLM : Planck Payload Module
  • PSB  : Polarization-Sensitive Bolometer
  • PSM  : Planck Sky Model
  • PSO : Planck Science Office
  • PTD : Physical Theory of Diffraction
  • PUS : Packet Utilization Standard
  • RAA : LFI Radiometer Array Assembly
  • RAF : Raw Attitude history File
  • RCA : (LFI) Radiometer Chain Assembly
  • REBA : (LFI) Radiometer Electronics Box Assembly
  • REU : Readout Electronic Unit
  • RFQM : Radio Frequency Qualification Model
  • RIMO : Reduced IMO
  • ROI : Ring-Ordered Information (DMC group/object)
  • rpm : Revolutions per minute
  • RSSD : Research Space Science Division of ESA [ESTEC, Netherlands]
  • RTS : Random telegraphic signal
  • S/C : Spacecraft
  • SAA : Solar Aspect Angle
  • sample [HFI meaning]
  • SCC : Sorption Cooler Compressor assembly
  • SCS : Sorption Cooler Subsystem (Planck)
  • SEV  : Sun Earth Vector
  • SGR  : Small Gap Recovery
  • SGS  : Science Ground Segment
  • SIAM  : Spacecraft Instrument Alignment Matrix
  • SLT : System Level Test
  • SOVT  : System Operation and Validation Test
  • SPPT : Survey Performance and Planning Tool
  • SPU : Signal Processing Unit
  • SREM : Space Radiation Environment Monitor
  • SRP  : Solar Radiation Pressure
  • SSCE : Sun-SpaceCraft-Earth angle max= 15°
  • SSO : Solar System Object
  • STR  : Star TRacker
  • SVM : Service Module
  • SWB : Spider-Web Bolometer
  • SZ  : Sunyaev-Zeldovich
  • TBC : To be confirmed
  • TBD : To be defined / determined
  • TC : Tele-Command
  • THF : Telecommand History File
  • TOD [HFI meaning]: Time-Ordered Data
  • TOD [LFI meaning]: Time-Ordered Data, refers to calibrated data
  • TOI [HFI meaning]: Time Ordered Information
  • TOI [LFI meaning]: Time Ordered Information, refers to uncalibrated data
  • ToS : Time of Sample
  • TSA : Thermal Stabilization Assembly
  • UTC : Universal Time Coordinate(d)
  • warm units : JFET, Bellow, PAU et REU
  • WG : LFI Waveguide
  • WHR : Weekly Health Report

Attitude Control & Measurement Subsystem (AOCS)

analog to digital converter

Attitude History File

Application Program Identifier

Augmented Preprogrammed Pointing List

LFI warm electronics Back End Module

(Planck) Low Frequency Instrument

LFI warm electronics Back End Unit

Back To Back HFI horns

(Planck) High Frequency Instrument

Command and Data Management System

Command and Data Management Unit

Cosmic Microwave background

Commissioning Phase

Calibration and Performance Verification

Centre Spatial de Liège

Central Time Reference

CCSDS Unsegmented Time Code

LFI Data Acquisition Electronics

Dilution Cooler Electronics

MOC's Data Distribution System

[ESA's] Mission Operation Center [Darmstadt, Germany]

Data Management Component, the databases used at the HFI and LFI DPCs

Data Processing Center

Data Processing Unit

Daily Quality Report

Daily Tele-Communication Period

End Of Life

Early Release Compact Source Catalog

European Space Agency

Explanatory Supplement

European Space Operations Centre (Darmstadt)

European Space TEchnology and Research Centre

LFI cryogenic amplifying stage Front End Module

LFI cryogenic amplifying stage Front End Unit

Feed Horn

Flexible Image Transfer Specification

Fiber Optic Gyroscope


Focal Plane Unit


Angular momentum Control Mode

High Electron Mobility Transistor

House Keeping

Herschel/Planck File Transfer System

Herschel/Planck Mission Control System

House-Keeping data

Interface Control Document

Instrument Line Shape

Instrument Operation Team

Junction Field Elect Transistor

Launch & Early Orbit Phase

low frequency excess response

Local On Board Time

Line Of Sight

Noise Equivalent Power

Noise Equivalent Temperature

On-Board Time

Operation Day definition is geometric visibility driven as it runs from the start of a DTCP (satellite Acquisition Of Signal) to the start of the next DTCP. Given the different ground stations and spacecraft will takes which station for how long, the OD duration varies but it is basically once a day.

LFI Ortho Module Transducer


Pre_Amplification Unit

Principal Investigator

Planck Internal Archive

Planck Legacy Archive

Payload Module

Physical Optics

Phase-Ordered Information (DMC group/object)

Pre-programmed Pointing List

Planck Payload Module

Planck Sky Model

Planck Science Office

Physical Theory of Diffraction

Packet Utilisation Standard

LFI Radiometer Array Assembly

Raw Attitude history File

LFI Radiometer Chain Assembly

LFI Radiometer Electronics Box Assembly

Readout Electronic Unit

Radio Frequency Qualification Model

reduced IMO

Ring-Ordered Information (DMC group/object)

revolutions per minute

Research Space Science Division of ESA [ESTEC, Netherlands]

random telegraphic signal


Solar Aspect Angle

Sorption Cooler Compressor assembly

Sorption Cooler Subsystem (Planck)

Sun Earth Vector

Small Gap Recovery

Science Ground Segment

Spacecraft Instrument Alignment Matrix

System Level Test

System Operation and Validation Test

Survey Performance and Planning Tool

Signal Processing Unit

Space Radiation Environment Monitor

Solar Radiation Pressure

Sun-SpaceCraft-Earth angle max= 15°

Solar System Object

Star TRacker

Service Module


To be confirmed

To be defined / determined


Telecommand History File

Time of Sample

hermal Stabilization Assembly

Universal Time Coordinate(d)

JFET, Bellow, PAU et REU

JFET, Bellow, PAU et REU

LFI Waveguide

Weekly Health Report