Overall internal validation

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The overall internal validation of the frequency maps is seen thanks to several tests:

  • difference between the PR2 and PR3 frequency maps,
  • survey difference maps for the PR2 and the PR3 frequency maps,
  • spectra of the PR2 and the PR3 data splits,

Frequency maps for the PR2 and the PR3 and their difference

This table shows the PR2 (2015) and PR3 (2017) maps and their differences in I, Q, and U. This table is complementary of Figure 11 of Planck-2020-A3[1] (see detailled explanations there).

Comparaison of 2015 and 2017 I, Q and U maps and their difference.
2015 frequency maps 2017 frequency maps difference
100 GHz 100GHz DX11 I.pdf.pdf 100GHz DX11 Q.pdf.pdf 100GHz DX11 U.pdf.pdf 100GHz I.pdf 100GHz Q.pdf 100GHz U.pdf 100GHz diff I.pdf.pdf 100GHz diff Q.pdf.pdf 100GHz diff U.pdf.pdf
143 GHz 143GHz DX11 I.pdf.pdf 143GHz DX11 Q.pdf.pdf 143GHz DX11 U.pdf.pdf 143GHz I.pdf 143GHz Q.pdf 143GHz U.pdf 143GHz diff I.pdf.pdf 143GHz diff Q.pdf.pdf 143GHz diff U.pdf.pdf
217 GHz 217GHz DX11 I.pdf.pdf 217GHz DX11 Q.pdf.pdf 217GHz DX11 U.pdf.pdf 217GHz I.pdf 217GHz Q.pdf 217GHz U.pdf 217GHz diff I.pdf.pdf 217GHz diff Q.pdf.pdf 217GHz diff U.pdf.pdf
353 GHz 353GHz DX11 I.pdf.pdf 353GHz DX11 Q.pdf.pdf 353GHz DX11 U.pdf.pdf 353GHz I.pdf 353GHz Q.pdf 353GHz U.pdf 353GHz diff I.pdf.pdf 353GHz diff Q.pdf.pdf 353GHz diff U.pdf.pdf
545 GHz 545GHz DX11 I.pdf.pdf . . 545GHz I.pdf . . 545GHz diff I.pdf.pdf . .
857 GHz 857GHz DX11 I.pdf.pdf . . 857GHz I.pdf . . 857GHz diff I.pdf.pdf . .

Survey difference maps for the PR2 and the PR3 data

This table shows the PR2 (2015) and PR3 (2017) survey difference maps in I, Q, and U. This table is taken from Figure 12 of Planck-2020-A3[1] (see detailled explanations there).

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Comparaison of 2015 and 2017 I, Q and U survey difference maps.
2015 survey difference maps 2017 survey difference maps
100 GHz 100GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 100GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf.pdf 100GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf.pdf 100GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 100GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf 100GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf
143 GHz 143GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 143GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf.pdf 143GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf.pdf 143GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 143GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf 143GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf
217 GHz 217GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 217GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf.pdf 217GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf.pdf 217GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 217GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf 217GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf
353 GHz 353GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 353GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf.pdf 353GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf.pdf 353GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf 353GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 Q.pdf 353GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 U.pdf
545 GHz 545GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf . . 545GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf . .
857 GHz 857GHz DX11 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf . . 857GHz RD12RC4 surveyS1S3 S2S4 I.pdf . .

Spectra of the PR2 and the PR3 data splits

This figure shows the $EE$ and $BB$ spectra of the 2015 and 2017 detset, half-mission and rings (for 2017 only) maps at 100, 143, 217, and 353\,GHz. The auto-spectra of the difference maps and the cross-spectra between the maps are shown. The sky fraction used here is 43\,\%. The bins are: bin=1 for $2\leq\ell<30$; bin=5 for $30\leq\ell<50$; bin=10 for $50\leq\ell<160$; bin=20 for $160\leq\ell<1000$; and bin=100 for $\ell>1000$. This figure is taken from Planck-2020-A3[1] (see detailled explanations there).

File: {cl_fsky43_DX11_RD12RC4_3000_oddeven_multiplot.pdf}