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CMB angular power spectra[edit]

Auto and cross angular power spectra per frequency are provided in the Planck Legacy Archive with the following file structure: to be written by A. Moneti

They were obtained by Spice (run 1731634056805856210) with the Galactic and point sources masks /data/dmc/MISS03/DATA/gpe_mask/mask_2_apo120, /data/dmc/MISS03/DATA/MASK_2048_GALACTIC/mask_L3_DX9_100-353_apo30, /data/dmc/MISS03/DATA/MASK_2048_GALACTIC/mask_SZ_ERCSC_apo30, respectively apodized at 120, 30 and 30 arcmin.

The covariance matrix only describes the statistical correlation induced by the sample variance and cut sky, using the formalism described in Efstathiou ??

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