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2013 IRAM Maps of the Crab nebula

Maps of the Crab nebula at 89.189 GHz (HCO+(1-0) transition) in both temperature and polarization, prodouced from observations performed at the IRAM 30m telescope from January 9th to January 12th 2009, are delivered as a tarball of 416 KB in the file

File:Crab IRAM 2010.zip

See README in the tarball for full details. These data were used in [1].


  1. Measurement of the Crab nebula polarization at 90 GHz as a calibrator for CMB experiments, J. Aumont, L. Conversi, C. Thum, H. Wiesemeyer, E. Falgarone, J. F. Macías-Pérez, F. Piacentini, E. Pointecouteau, N. Ponthieu, J. L. Puget, C. Rosset, J. A. Tauber, M. Tristram, A&A, 514, A70+, (2010).